Hailey Bieber is a big fan of this viral Tory Burch dress.
7 Dupes For Tory Burch's Viral Hoop Mini Dress, Starting At $23

Celebs can’t get enough of this style.

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Every now and again, a truly unique dress hits the fashion market and celebs flock to it the way Swifties flock to Easter eggs. A few years ago there was the revival of the 1995 Versace fluted midi dress with a center-point in the neckline that was all over the red carpet, then came the free-the-nipple era where celebs were wearing see-through pieces in every magazine spread and red carpet. Now, starlets can’t get enough of the viral Tory Burch hoop mini dress from the designer’s SS2024 line.

When you check out the dress, it’s easy to see why. It’s effortlessly chic and, according the designer herself, incredibly lightweight and easy to move around in. Earlier this year, Burch told The Hollywood Reporter, “I was interested in making a dress sculptural but also freeing at the same time. If you feel that dress, it’s light as a feather. The fabric is so incredibly weightless.”

Since then, celebs like Hailey Bieber, Sabrina Carpenter, Camila Morone, and Selena Gomez have all been spotting wearing the gorgeous number. Although it takes a while for dupes to trickle down into the mainstream fashion market, there are a few similar styles that feature the same draped neckline and fitted look that you can shop right now.

The Overall Best Dupe For Tory Burch’s Hoop Dress

When shopping for a dupe, search for a “sabrina neckline” or a “draped fabric neckline” to yield similar results to the neckline of the original. This dress has a very similar look to the Tory Burch style and at around $100, is a fraction of the almost $1.5k price tag of the original.

Best Asymmetrical Neckline Dress

The key to getting the slinky, sexy, and effortless look from the Tory Burch dress is the asymmetrical neckline. This one from Revolve is just $70 and since it’s built to be asymmetrical on purpose, you won’t have to be adjusting it all night long.

Best Pastel Dress

This pastel mini dress captures the essence of the hoop dress with its draped, off-the-shoulder neckline and pastel color. You can shop it in lavender or white.

Best LBD

This dress truly embodies the spirit of the Tory Burch dress with its loose fit and draped one-shoulder neckline. The Tory Burch dress is only available online in black, so for $64 this is a pretty good alternative.

Best Pink Dupe

This looks like a spitting image of the Tory Burch dress, without the hoop bottom. Sadly, a metal wired hem isn’t dupe-able right now, but hopefully soon as the trend trickles down into more accessible markets.

Best For A Classy Function

The draped piece of fabric on this dress that hits the floor elevates the whole look and takes it from garden attire mini dress to a more formal evening look.

Best With Ruched Sides

The ruched sides of this dress with ties allows you go get a more customized fit, which is a great feature of an under $70 price point. The loose fit and draped shoulders make this piece look so close to the Tory Burch original.