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Kylie Jennier wearing KHY Denim

I Tried Kylie Jenner's Khy Drop 005 High Rise Denim & It's My New Fave

Trust me, I’ve bought an embarrassing number of jeans in my lifetime.

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I take denim very seriously. I probably own at least 20 pairs, and each serves a different purpose in my wardrobe. My vintage Levi’s mom jeans are a go-to with sweatshirts and sneakers; my wide-leg distressed black jeans are great for nights out; and I’ve even kept a single pair of light-wash skinnies to wear with tall boots on occasion.

When Kylie Jenner announced Drop 005 for her clothing brand Khy — and the lineup was mostly denim — I was sat. So far, I’ve been loving the quality and fit of the items she’s released, from cozy oversized sweats to a night-out dress of my dreams.

Kylie isn’t the KarJenner sister best known for her love of a denim ‘fit (that title would fall to her sister Khloé and her brand Good American), but she hasn’t let me down with her pieces thus far, so I had high hopes for these jeans. I grabbed two pairs of the high-rise silhouette after the collection dropped on April 25. In the weeks since, they’ve become some of my favorite items in my wardrobe — jeans I will truly be wearing all summer, no matter if I’m sweating in the heat.

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The Classic High Rise Denim Has The Perfect Baggy Fit

Fast Facts:

  • Price: $118
  • What this is best for: Everything? These are the baggy jeans I’ve been waiting years to find. I’m pairing them with fitted tops and heels for a mix of body-hugging and loose silhouettes — I love the balance of both in one outfit.
  • What I like: They’re super comfortable, sitting right at the waist with a drop crotch that adds to the oversized look.
  • What I don’t like: These jeans are super long, which works for me as a taller girl, but might be an issue for some. The dark wash also bleeds onto lighter clothing, so I’d recommend running through the wash a couple times before wearing (this is an issue with most dark denim due to the dyeing process).
  • My rating: 5/5

First Impressions:

Khy offers a few different denim fits to choose from: the classic high rise, classic low rise, and classic straight leg. As an avowed hater of anything low rise — I know it’s trendy! I will not be swayed! — I went with the high rise option, which the brand describes as “designed to hug your waist and remain relaxed throughout the leg.”

I am fully obsessed with oversized bottoms: cargo pants, baggy jeans, relaxed trousers, you name it. But it’s a rarity that I find something where the fit and quality both get a 10/10 in my book. My beloved vintage Levi’s are amazing — the brand is considered the gold standard for a reason — but I have yet to find a pair that sits tight at the waist and wide throughout the leg. I usually have to belt them or get them tailored to get that shape right.

Enter Khy. I was immediately smitten with the fit of these. They’re snatched at the waist, but not too tight, with a relaxed fit that doesn’t look like you bought them three sizes too big. I love wearing them belted, but that’s more for style than anything else; they don’t need a belt to stay in place.


My favorite of the two washes I ordered is the light wash. It has a raw hem, slight distressing on the seams, and feels like the classic pair of blue jeans that will go with anything. The dark wash has a regular hem and no distressing for a slightly more elevated look (though of course I had to pair it with a vintage men’s button-down worn open and untucked, so it was still slouchy).

It’s worth noting that these jeans are meant to be floor-length, and that means they drag on the ground a bit, even on my 5’7” frame. This makes them perfect to pair with heels or platforms, but shorter folks should be aware of this before buying. If you love the look of your jeans going allllll the way to the floor (which can be lengthening for the leg), you’re in luck. But on a rainy day, these are definitely getting caught in puddles — just a PSA.

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Is The Khy Denim *Actually* Something Special?

IMHO, yes. There are a lot of denim brands out there (arguably too many), but it’s tough to find a pair of jeans you will truly reach for often that will also outlast the trend cycle. These jeans check all the boxes for me: They’re well-made, comfortable, and trendy in a broad sense without being a micro-trend item, especially with the multiple rise options offered. I know I’ll be wearing relaxed jeans for years, and you can pry high-waisted pants out of my hands from the grave.

Be aware of the baggy size and long length before buying, and also keep in mind that the light and medium washes have distress detailing, while the dark wash does not. If all this sounds like the fit you’ve been looking for, I think you’ll love them.

The only thing I’d like even better? If Kylie would send me a pair with my initials embroidered on the hip, like she did for Kourtney. I’m no Kardashian sister, but I’ll happily pretend to join the club.