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In honor of it girls like Beyoncé and Bella Hadid embracing their country eras, I went to the rodeo ...

Cheeky Ways To Channel The Casual Cowgirl Aesthetic

If Bella Hadid is in her rodeo era, I am too.

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This spring, the yeehaw influence is everywhere: Beyoncé’s embracing the Western style in time for Cowboy Carter, Bella Hadid’s supporting her BF at the rodeo (and making horse girls everywhere proud), and there are even rumors of Zayn Malik releasing a country album. The trend is even bringing out a new era of fashion, where the casual cowgirl reigns (get it? like reins) supreme.

This latest iteration of the c*ntry vibe is NOT the coastal cowgirl trend of 2023, which combined the laid-back, cozy beach vibes of linen staples and cable knit sweaters with a trendy twist: cowboy boots.

Think: Kim Kardashian pairing sweats and a tank top with a cowboy hat or Beyoncé adding a bolo tie necklace to her glam outfit.

Instead, the Casual Cowgirl™️ is focused on incorporating subtle nods to the country-western aesthetic. (For anyone with a capsule wardrobe, you’re in luck: It’s the accessories that make all the difference — aka, your basics are still just as universal.) Think: Kim Kardashian pairing sweats and a tank top with a cowboy hat or Beyoncé adding a bolo tie necklace to her glam outfit for the launch of Cécred.

As someone who typically wears jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt, I knew that this low-key method of incorporating the Western aesthetic was my way in — and I had the perfect opportunity to experiment. Earlier this month, I flew from New York City to Houston, Texas, for a chance to play around with this trend and explore a city known for hosting the world’s largest rodeo.

Below, find seven ways to bring out your inner cowgirl, whether you’re on Houston Street in NYC or in Houston, Texas.

Try A Structured Vest

The fashion girlies have been sporting vests for some time — first, there was the return of the sweater vest and then, the business casual vest ‘fit took over. But this time around, vests are trending more cowboy than country club.

Hannah Kerns/Elite Daily
Hannah Kerns/Elite Daily

When it comes to vests, structure really is everything. Keep in mind that it might be worth spending a little more on the right fit.

For this look, I tried out two different styles: one oversized tux-style and another more fitted (and versatile, IMO).

Sport A Flashy Boot

TBH, cowboy boots have been popular for a while. As someone who went to an SEC school freshman year of college, I first dabbled in boots back in 2015. (FYI, tailgating is a great way to break them in.) But with Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter aesthetic in mind, I opted for a more disco-glam version of the traditional cowboy boot.

Hannah Kerns/Elite Daily

These silver boots from Anthropologie were much more sophisticated than my dusty black boots I left at home. During the trip, I sported them two different ways: letting them truly shine by wearing a skirt or just giving off a hint of glamour by having them peek out of my full-length pants.

With boots — cowboy boots, in particular — I find that it can be worth it to spend a little more, especially if you’re planning on wearing them to a rodeo. Blisters might be inevitable, but a high-quality boot should prevent too much damage, so they’re an investment. (Of course, if you are braver than me, there are some cheaper dupes out there.)

Add A Cowgirl-Approved Accessory (Or 2)

Bring on the cowgirl vibes with a Western accessory — specifically, try embracing the country flare with a belt or bag. I added both to give a simple LBD a little more twang. (Plus, boots ‘cause why not?)

Hannah Kerns/Elite Daily

The bag had a statement buckle and funky shape that was just big enough to fit my phone and wallet, but the cuteness was worth the lack of space. Plus, it’s a great staple bag to have in your collection — perfect for concerts, whether they’re country or not.

A low-hanging belt, like this one from Urban Outfitters, was another easy way to bring in more rodeo energy. The design of the belt accentuates your shape without feeling OTT. Of course, if you’d prefer a more casual look, you could also channel Vanessa Hudgens’ ‘fit at Coachella 2014 and pair this style of belt with denim short shorts. (This was the vibe at the time, OK?)

Layer Western Necklaces

Zhuzh up your jewelry box with some Western-inspired necklaces. Whether you go for layerable chains or try on a bolo tie necklace for size, these pieces scream c*ntry so loud they’re practically yodeling.


Before my trip to Houston, I knew I wanted to try out a couple different styles of Western jewelry. 8 Other Reasons’ Western Layered Necklace was one of my favorite finds. It actually has two necklaces (with two layers each) that you can wear separately or together. I paired it with my all-denim outfit (more on that later), and loved how the colors brightened up the overall look.

Bolo tie-inspired jewelry was another necessity. My rule of thumb: If Beyoncé wore it, it must be beyond cool. Throughout my weekend in Texas, I sported two different bolo tie necklaces, and found they were subtle enough to pair with any ensemble; they easily went with my go-to easy ‘fit (jeans, tank top, and sneakers).

Go Full Denim

Bring back the retro ‘70s Western aesthetic by opting for a full denim look — whether you pair a denim vest with coordinating pants (co-ords are back, people!) or find a fitted denim jumpsuit.

Hannah Kerns/Elite Daily

Out of everything I packed for my rodeo weekend, I was most excited about this piece. It fit perfectly, was juuust Western enough, and was comfortable enough for a long day exploring Houston Rodeo’s carnival and shops.

In general, I think the Canadian tuxedo is a power move. It’s actually the perfect way to test out the country aesthetic, no matter where you are. Lest we forget Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ iconic all-denim moment at the 2001 American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Wear All-Black With Some Leather

Confession: I bought a pair of leather chaps from I.AM.GIA back in May 2021 after seeing Victoria Paris wear them in an OOTD. Confession Pt. 2: I do not wear them nearly enough.


My Houston trip felt like the perfect time to change that, so I decided to pair them with a black tank top, bolo tie, and cowboy boots. Leather cowgirl outfit? Check.

My exact pants aren’t available anymore (though someone is selling a size small on Poshmark), but there are similar options out there.

Throw On A Cowboy Hat

Let’s be real: A full-on cowboy hat is a lot less subtle than these other Western-inspired ‘fit tips. That said, Beyoncé herself has been sporting a Stetson hat throughout this new era, so yes, it very well could become your next outfit essential.

Hannah Kerns/Elite Daily

I wore the same style of Stetson as Margot Robbie in her all-pink cowgirl look in Barbie. And I have to say, a Stetson hat is a classic for a reason.

That said, if you aren’t fully sold on this aesthetic yet, there are plenty of other cowboy hat options, suitable for any budget.