Big Gilbert Energy

Elena Gilbert Core Is About To Be Your Go-To Fall Aesthetic

Hot vampire boyfriend not included.

by Marilyn La Jeunesse
Elite Daily; Tiktok/@ohheyitsnare; Cw Network/Kobal/Shutterstock
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While summer was ruled by Barbiecore, the hottest new trend for fall is letting you break out your fave early aughts fashion staples. That’s right: I’m talking a full-on flared jeans and denim mini skirts revival thanks to TikTok’s new favorite trend: Elena Gilbert core.

While The Vampire Diaries character was divisive, to say the least, her laid-back approach to Y2K trends — including shirt layering, belly-button-length necklaces, and distressed Converse — is finally getting its flowers. And, quite honestly, you can’t hate it.

The trend itself was recently spotted on TikTok with a young woman showing off her “Elena Gilbert fit” consisting of a tight-fitting long-sleeve shirt with buttons running halfway down its center, dark wash flared jeans, and black Converse. The video received more than 1.2 million likes and has nearly 9 million views and counting. While some commenters said the look was giving more Bella Swan, others agree the fit was giving Big Gilbert Energy. There’s even an entire Amazon page dedicated to Elena Gilbert outfits for your shopping ease.

Of course, who can resist a good trend? Below, you’ll find a few different options for anyone who wants to steal Elena Gilbert’s style this fall, whether you’re attending a wedding or headed back to school. And for those hesitating, need I remind you that she dressed like this and still landed both Salvatore brothers? Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and try my luck. Damien, wherefore art thou?

Back-To-School Outfits

It doesn’t matter the weather; Elena was always in long-sleeve tops. It was sort of her signature, despite Mystic Falls being in Virginia and we all know Southern summers are *hot*. And, yes, you need to layer your long sleeves over a tank top (preferably a lacy cami) and match it with flared jeans (or a denim mini skirt!) and Converse. Leather jacket or dark wash jean jacket optional.

Apple Picking

If Elena’s outfits were perfect for one occasion and one occasion only, it would be the annual apple-picking excursion. I mean, Mystic Falls-coded flannel and henley tees? Yeah, the orchard doesn’t stand a chance against your Y2K cuteness. Don’t forget to layer this over a cami to achieve the ultimate Elena look.

Fall Weddings

Elena was all about jewel tones when it came to dressing up for fancy events. Whether you’re headed to a debutante ball with your fave Salvatore brother or a family wedding, these dresses definitely have the Elena Gilbert core aesthetic down. And don’t forget her signature ballet flats!


How could you forget Elena’s prom dress? It was a strapless ball gown in bright pink that screamed early aughts formal attire. While that look might be a *little* too much for homecoming, here are a few similar alternatives that Elena would have rocked with Stefan on her arm.


Sure, you could rock a nurse costume as Elena did in one episode of TVD, or you could cosplay as vampire Elena for Halloween, complete with fake blood and fangs. My guess is you’ll try doing the latter in hopes of Damien finding you at the party.


If you want to channel Elena Gilbert core during Thanksgiving, you’ll need three main things: A tight-fitting cardigan, a tank top of some sort (preferably patterned or lace), and black skinny jeans.

Ice Skating Date

The only real shift you’ll ever see in Elena Gilbert’s style is when she dresses for cold weather. Normally adorned with a cozy knitted hat, matching gloves, and an oversized dad coat, this look is surprisingly easy to recreate and timeless to keep in your closet. Make it holiday-party-ready by adding a ruby red dress as your base uniform.