This Artist Transforms Herself Into Epic Superheroes Using Just Body Paint

There are all sorts of mediums you can use to express your artistic abilities.

When it comes to creating some comic-inspired masterpieces, Kay Pike prefers to use her body as her blank canvas of choice.

Remember when I introduced you to Lianne Moseley, the makeup artist who transforms people into superheroes?

Well, after meeting Moseley last year, Pike decided to start learning the craft of cosplay cosmetics, and it's not hard to see she basically became a body-painting master since then.

That's right. This talented Canadian artist turns herself into a variety of mind-blowing superheroes and supervillains by using only body paint to deck her skin out in all sorts of two-dimensional appearances.

Sometimes, it can take Pike up to 10 hours to fully transform herself into a cosplay character, but I guess it's worth it because her body paintings are so good, you'll almost forget she's a real person and not a drawing on a comic-book page.

You can find all of Pike's stunning transformations on her impressive Instagram, and she also live-streams the whole process of each body painting on her account.

Take a look at the pictures below to see her Marvel-ous body paint!

Robin and Bizarro-Girl


Captain Marvel

Poison Ivy


Lady Deadpool

Carnage and Spider-Man






Doctor Doom


Captain Planet

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