There's A Company Actually Doing Same-Day Weed Delivery Via Drone

In this day and age, it's all about instant gratification and immediate satisfaction.

People want things now. Not later. Now.

Whether you're stumbling out of a bar and into an Uber after a craft beer binge or you're ordering $100 worth of chicken satay from Philippe Chow using Postmates, it's pretty quick and effortless to get things on demand in 2015.

There's an app for just about anything. But what about an instant marijuana delivery service?

Marijuana is becoming more and more socially acceptable after being legalized for both medicinal and recreational uses in certain states around the country, and as a result, there's an influx of services looking to cater to your cannabis-related needs.

For instance, this new California-based company called Trees will literally deliver premium marijuana strains to your doorstep on the same day you place your order.

It's like having your drug dealer on call, and it's awesome.

How it works is pretty simple, too. All you have to do is text "TREES" to (415) 319-6482 and, according to the Trees website,

Your personal cannabis concierge will be in touch shortly.

See, you never have to remove yourself from Netflix mode.

What could possibly be better than that? Oh, yeah, deliveries to customers can also be made by a drone, depending on your area.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

If you live in California and have your medical cannabis license, you can now have weed delivered to your home in one day.

Oh snap! Apparently the idea has already been had by @treesdelivery! — Sasquatch Labs (@sasquatch_labs) August 5, 2015

It's called Trees, a Los Angeles-based company making same-day weed deliveries to your doorstep. All you have to do is sign up. Shortly after, you'll be contacted by a "cannabis concierge."

@eatyeIlow Find a new box of #weed at your front door with us! — trees (@treesdelivery) August 5, 2015

Then, you scan your medical license using your smartphone, enter your payment method and select your weed package.

Within the same day, you'll have a survival package of high-quality marijuana and other cannabis-infused products.

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