Stoners, Rejoice! You Can Get Quality Weed Delivered With 'Potbox'

Are you currently chilling at the crib right now, dying to smoke a blunt but have absolutely no loud?

Don't worry, stoner. A new service called Potbox is here to deliver.

The new (but not first) marijuana subscription box service is not only changing the way we get our weed, it's some premium sh*t and comes in some luxurious ass packaging.

For the price of $149.95, you can have a quarter ounce of OG Kush, Lemon Chunk or Blue Sour (just to name a few) delivered by some dude who's probably higher than you -- but not for long.

Oh yeah, and it comes with two pre-rolled joints elegantly placed inside glass casing sure to make you feel refined and not like some criminal dapping up your dealer on the street corner.

It's as simple as these three steps:

Of course, it's only in California, and you have to be a registered medical marijuana patient. That's as simple as going to your doctor and telling him or her you're sad.

With the booming marijuana industry continuing to rise pretty much everywhere besides New York, look for more startups like this catering to the lazy ass stoner.

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