This Twitter Account Photoshops Kids' Books To Have Hilariously NSFW Titles

Not too long ago, I set out to ruin all of your favorite childhood bedtime sorties by pointing out all of the inappropriate things you never noticed in your favorite children's books.

If seeing those storylines filled with sexual innuendos and hidden meanings made you laugh, you're in for a treat.

Someone just created a Twitter account called Paperback Paradise that gives classic children's books a bunch of new titles coinciding with current events.

That's right. This clever Twitter account uses the powers of Photoshop to switch up the titles of all your beloved books, giving each one a modern-day makeover perfectly matching its illustrated cover.

This comical collection adds lots of colorful language into the titles and touches upon all sorts of intriguing topics ranging from Donald Trump and baggy dicks to selfie etiquette, ripping ass in pubic and even the painful consequences of eating Taco Bell.

Yep, if these were around back in the day, I'm sure we would all have done a lot more reading because these updated editions seem a hell of a lot more entertaining than the original unabridged versions.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of these classic photoshops.

Dammit, Taco Bell, you get me every time.

$14 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 13, 2016

I knew I should have swiped left.

$6 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 11, 2016

Do you think she noticed?

$5 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) April 5, 2016

I hate it when the airplane GPS f*cks up and sends me into some old dude's bathroom.

$6 #booksforsale — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) April 5, 2016

A baggy dick is a definite deal breaker.

$4 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) April 4, 2016

Who wants to see some witch titties?

$8 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 15, 2016

I hate it when my game of volleyball gets interrupted by an exploding sun.

$6 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 29, 2016

Want something to drink before I start to torture you?

$2 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 28, 2016


$6 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 14, 2016

It was just the tip.

$5 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 16, 2016

Well, there's something they don't teach you in school.

$4 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 25, 2016

At least it's not that gingham J. Crew button-down, though.

$6 #romanticbooks — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 24, 2016

This is what Tiger Woods really thinks about when he's trying to get it in the hole.

$1 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 22, 2016

Can you give me a min, I'm trying to take a mean ghost sh*t over here, bro.

$7 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 21, 2016

That's what you get for pretending to throw the ball and watching me run after it like an idiot.

$3 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 20, 2016

Really, Grandpa? Let's see how great America is when I put you in the home.

$2 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 19, 2016

Sh*t! I knew we all should have played football instead.

$2 #greatbooks — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 11, 2016

I'm def not making out with you now.

$4 #books — Paperback Paradise (@paprbckparadise) March 18, 2016