Childhood Ruined: These Scenes From Children's Books Will Gross You Out

A while back we showed you all of the inappropriate things hidden within your favorite childhood cartoons.

If you thought nothing could be worse than learning Rocko was a phone sex operator, be prepared to have your innocent memories of childhood ruined once again.

Remember all of your beloved books you used to read before bedtime every night?

You might not have noticed at the time, but a lot of these books are actually loaded with some seriously inappropriate sh*t.

While some of them push the boundaries of being G-rated with a few subtle sexual innuendos or illustrations with hidden agendas, other authors take the YOLO writing route and blatantly throw in some seriously screwed up story lines.

Whether these books are making dick references, talking about poop or telling you to put your finger somewhere it should never, ever go, all of these raunchy books will make you laugh while simultaneously destroying your faith in child authors and possibly humanity altogether.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these hilariously inappropriate children's books.

That "Invisible Dick" always screws you when you least expect it.

"Fifty Shades of Boy Scouts"

Harpo is looking to reel in something besides fish.

Watch where you put those hands, Teddy Creeper.

What on earth would inspire you stick your finger in a cat's behind?

More like Pedophile Island...

Does anyone else find it strange this woman's face looks like a giant butthole?

Nothing aids in childhood development like a little lesson on butt plugs.

"Turtles sleep" must be a code word for threesome.

That is the sh*ttiest idea ever.

This deranged butcher is clearly a cannibal.

Here's George, the curious drug addict.

Lion is the king of BJ demonstrations.

Not knowing when to stop is also called stalking.

Mr. Rogers has some serious explaining to do...

Screw your kung fu, I break bricks with kung fart!

Nothing brings back childhood memories like learning about bones with a side of bestiality.

This book is definitely filled with Dick pics.

No, leave that cow alone.

I'm afraid to see what the rest of this book is about.

I really hope those hoses are shooting water.

This is one seriously screwed up kid's game.

When you get a "D" in zoology, you can blame this author for teaching you elephants pee out of their butts.

A one-night sheep can be super awk.

That's what you get for surviving the meteor.

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