People Used Post-Its To Turn Office Walls Into Epic 'Star Wars' Murals

The corporate world can be a bit bland, especially when it comes to decor.

If your office looks a bit depressing, you can always spruce up your workspace by hanging some artwork on the walls -- or you can do what Viking UK did and brighten up the walls by turning your office supplies into epic "Star Wars"-themed murals.

Yep, it turns out you can do some pretty cool things with a sh*t ton of Post-its and a little imagination.

After seeing Ben Brucker's superhero murals, Viking UK decided to deck its office walls out with a couple characters from "a galaxy far, far away."

It took four employees five hours to completely cover the office's dividing walls in 3,597 Post-it notes, and their hard work clearly paid off because these murals look incredible.

If having Darth Vader stare over your shoulder all day doesn't encourage you to get your work done, I don't know what will.

Check out the video for a closer look at these awesome "Star Wars" murals.

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