Guy Uses 8,024 Post-Its To Create Epic Superhero Murals In His Office (Photos)


Let's face it, average office spaces are typically boring. They're like libraries and doctors' offices.

There's just no creativity because no one really cares. But, what if there was a way to spruce up your place of work with color and art so people didn't feel so drained as the day ends?

We came across the artwork of Ben Brucker, a man who, ironically, works at a creative agency. It's ironic because the walls and the office space itself are so not creative -- until now.

Brucker decided to take to Reddit and show the world how he and his colleagues used over 8,000 Post-it stickies to create murals on the walls of their office.

The approach was simple. All Ben needed was the support of his boss, and he got it. According to Bored Panda, he was also given a $300 budget to get the job done.

The results? Pure awesomeness. Consider your office lame.

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Behold, Ben Brucker's boring office at the creative agency he works for.

Instead of putting up with the blandness, Brucker got approval from his boss and a $300 budget to do something creative.

Using a pixel grid, he began planning out what he was going to create with these stickies.

After purchasing 9,000 Post-its, Ben brought in his colleagues and began making awesome murals on the walls.

Ben and his team of creative geniuses used the stickies to create vibrant murals of everyone's favorite superheroes.

Wonder Woman, Superman and Iron Man are all here.

They used a total of about 8,024 stickies.

The team even brought in little ones to help.

Eventually, the office's new design started coming together.

If you put your mind toward something, and you have the support of a team, you'll get the job done!

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