OMFG: Olive Garden Food Trucks Will Be Giving Out Free Samples

Earlier last month, we told you about Olive Garden's master plan to make sandwiches out of its famous breadsticks.

But behind every innovative idea is a genius promotional tactic.

That's why the Italian restaurant chain is launching food trucks to promote its new signature sandwiches.

The campaign, #BreadstickNation, aims to raise awareness about Olive Garden's new menu items by offering free samples of the Breadstick Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich and the Breadstick Italian Meatball Sandwich.

According to Delish, the first few stops on the #BreadstickNation tour include New York City, Utah, Florida and Arizona.

Last month, Olive Garden announced it would offer breadstick sandwiches in June 2015.

In a genius attempt to promote the new menu item, the chain put a number of Olive Garden food trucks on the road.

The first few stops for the food trucks include New York City, Utah, Florida and Arizona.

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