Finally! Olive Garden Is Making Sandwiches With Its Famous Breadsticks


Every restaurant has something it's known for.

If you've ever been to Philippe in New York City, you know the chicken satay is a must. If you've ever been to Ferraro's Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar in Las Vegas, you know it's all about the lasagna.

But it isn't just the top-rated restaurants with specialties. Red Lobster is known for its Cheddar Bay Biscuits and Olive Garden, well, is known for the breadsticks.

Olive Garden, however, is evolving the fan favorite item so patrons can enjoy it even more. How? Well, by simply turning the breadsticks into sandwich bread. That's right, Olive Garden will be introducing breadstick sandwiches.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Jessica Dinon, a spokesperson for the chain, explained,

You know Olive Garden's famous breadsticks? They're getting a makeover on June 1!


Feast your eyes on the breadstick sandwich. Patrons can choose between chicken parmigiana and meatball breadstick sandwiches.



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