15 Hilarious Nail Art Fails That Will Make You Think Twice About DIY (Photos)

If you've ever tried to replicate some DIY beauty tricks from Pinterest or Instagram, you probably know those tutorials make it look a lot easier than it is.

Remember when we showed you all of those hilarious makeup tutorial fails?

Well, it turns out makeup isn't the only thing people manage to royally f*ck up on the reg.

It turns out there are a lot of nail art enthusiasts out there who also try, and miserably fail, to replicate some of the mani trends they see on social media.

Yep, it takes a steady hand and a lot of artistic ability to transform your fingernails into a manicure masterpiece and quite frankly, many of us do not possess that particular skill.

You know how it goes, you manage to do a somewhat decent job painting one hand with a scaly mermaid pattern. Then, when it comes time to switch sides and paint with the hand you don't write with, all hell breaks loose and your mermaid nails quickly turn into a gigantic mess.

Seriously, some people should really leave the nail painting to the professionals.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some hilarious nail fails.

Fabulous newspaper nails on Instagram.

Fugly newspaper nails IRL.

Emoji nail designs on Instagram.

Emotionally deranged nails IRL.

Galaxy nails on Instagram.

Cosmic clusterf*ck IRL.

Granite mani on Instagram.

Horrible mani IRL.

Marvelous ombre nails on Instagram.

Multicolored fingers IRL.

Shattered glass nails on Instagram.

Sh*tty glass nails IRL.

Splatter manicure on Instagram.

Mani massacre IRL.

Adorable panda polish on Instagram.

Pathetic pandas IRL.

Mythical mermaid mani on Instagram.

Mutant nail scales IRL.

Gorgeous glitter designs on Instagram.

Giant glitter disaster IRL.

Marble mani on Instagram.

Marble mess IRL.

Perfect plaid nail art on Instagram.

Pretty awful nail art IRL.

Comic strip nails on Instagram.

Comical nail art IRL.

Snakeskin nails on Instagram.

Snakeskin fails IRL.

Puppy painted nails on Instagram.

Yep, totally nailed it!