These Halloween Makeup Fails Are So Much Scarier Than Your Costume (Photos)


Halloween is a great opportunity to get crafty and let your artistic abilities shine.

Every year, I vow to make a homemade costume that really stands out.

But then I remember I can't sew or do horror movie makeup... so I usually throw on cat ears and some slutty lingerie and call it a day.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I've tried some of those Halloween makeup tutorials on Instagram.

But every time I attempt to paint my face like a sexy skeleton, I always end up looking like a scary albino that went a bit overboard on the smoky eyeshadow.

Yep, makeup on Instagram tends to look a lot different than makeup in real life.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who sucks at following step-by-step instructions -- there are lots of people out there who try and miserably fail to recreate Halloween makeup every year.

Seriously, I'm pretty sure "hilarious" wasn't the look these people were going for.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some Halloween makeup struggles.

Instagram: A corpse bride cutie.

IRL: A terrifying smurf bride.

Instagram: A tempting tribal goddess.

IRL: The love child of Kiss and Lady Gaga.

Instagram: A comic strip sweetie.

IRL: A pow-erful chicken pox virus.

Instagram: A sultry half skull.

IRL: A pitiful zombie panda.

Instagram: An eye-candy clown.

IRL: A sad, creepy clown.

Instagram: A stunning sugar skull.

IRL: A sh*tty skull.

Instagram: A perfect Kim K costume.

IRL: A Kim-tastrophe of a costume.

 Instagram: A blood-sucking vampire vixen.

IRL: A hillbilly vampire.

Instagram: A mischievous Cheshire cat.

IRL: Lip injections gone wrong.

Instagram: A wonderful, wicked witch.

IRL: A scary, swamp creature.

Instagram: A joker who's seriously impressive.

IRL: Your makeup after a long night of drinking.

Instagram: A lovely emoji face.

IRL: An emotionally deranged yellow alien.

Instagram: A harrowing queen of hearts.

IRL: A red headed Mimi from "The Drew Carey Show."

Instagram: A Frankenstein beauty.

IRL: A Frankenstien fail.

 Instagram: An enchanting Poison Ivy.

IRL: A human watermelon.

Instagram: An eye-catching Cleopatra.

IRL: Yep, totally nailed it.