This Motivational Hedgehog May Be The Next Success Kid Meme

Another day, another badass animal takes over the Internet. Not too long ago, our hearts were captured by a smiling Shiba Inu having the time of his life in a playground swing.

This time, it's all about (drumroll, please) the victorious hedgehog. Let's just say hedgehog is giving the "success kid" meme a run for his money...

According to Mashable, this little dude is going viral after a bunch of skilled Reddit users started an epic Photoshop battle using its "victory pose" photo. One word: genius. Two words: super motivational.

Having a bad day? Going slightly insane? Sad that rent is almost due and you're not a trust fund baby? Well, there is no other animal out there who could inspire you like this badass, take-no-shit hedgehog. I mean, come on...


As a result of the hedgehog's awesomeness, Reddit users fired up their Photoshop applications and went to work. Check out these hilarious Photoshop edits of the motivational hedgehog below.

Motivational... or liberated at last?


This little hedgehog's victory pose can be used for a number of different things -- like scoring the game-winning touchdown.


Or showing off some serious breakdancing skills!


One crafty Reddit user turned the motivational hedgehog into Judd Nelson's imaginary best friend in "The Breakfast Club."


As if starring in a classic 80s film wasn't enough, one Photoshop editor brought Mr. Hedgehog into the work of Michelangelo.


These edits are awesome and all, but what if he was never even celebrating in the first place?! Here's a scary sight...


Ah, that's more like it. Let's keep it motivational.


Game of Hedgehogs, anyone?


Now THIS seems legit.


Regardless of what you're using the #MotivationalHedgehog meme for, this little dude is here to lift your mood!


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