This Chill Dog High On Life Is All Of Us When It's Almost The Weekend


There's something about the Japanese Shiba Inu dog breed that makes them so chill. Seriously, whenever I see one, it's pretty obvious these furry friends could not care less about the world's problems.

Not too long ago, we introduced you to one particular Shiba Inu that was so care-free, he got stuck in a bush and didn't mind it one bit. I'm not sure about you, but if I was running through people's backyards and suddenly got caught in a bush, I would freak out immediately. But I guess that's proof I wasn't born as a Japanese dog.

The most recent Shiba to take over the web is this super-chill dog captured smiling with joy while sitting in a swing. In other words, we've finally crossed paths with the epitome of pure happiness and zero-fucks-given.

According to Mashable, Reddit user AffeisAFKIRL shared a photo of the gleeful pup, which prompted fellow users within the Reddit community to have an epic photoshop battle by editing the dog into various visual scenarios.

Here's the original, unedited photo:

PsBattle: A shiba inu enjoying a swing. [Xpost r/aww] from photoshopbattles

Once people got a hold of the photo, the hilarious edits started coming in. So, what was the chill Shiba thinking this entire time? He might've imagined himself on a roller coaster...


Or maybe he was just daydreaming about playing Tony Stark in the next Iron Man.


Something about this one doesn't seem so "chill" to me.


Ah, that's more like it!


Destination: Cloud 9.


And when sitting on Cloud 9 isn't enough, just leave the damn planet.


It seems that Reddit users finally found a good place for this chill dog: the artwork of Michelangelo.


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