This One Bunch Of Grapes Sold For More Money Than You Make In A Month


There are a lot of different things you can do with your paychecks.

You can treat yourself to an insane "Game Of Thrones" inspired vacation abroad, put a down payment on a new set of wheels or, you know, blow your bucks on a bunch of grapes.

Yep, that's right. There are grapes that cost over 10 grand, and I'm not sure what's crazier: The fact that this bougie bunch of grapes actually exists or the fact that someone in Japan just shelled out $11,000 to get their hands on this precious pile of overpriced fruit.

With about 30 grapes in the bunch,  each one was worth a whopping $350.

Now, if you're like most normal people, you're probably wondering what on Earth makes these grapes worth so much money.

Did the Queen of England pick these grapes herself and embellish each one in gemstones?

Or maybe these grapes were grown on the tallest mountain in Narnia and hand dipped in gold by a talking dog?

Surprisingly, the answer to both of these perfectly logical explanations is "no."

It turns out that this hefty price tag is justified by the fact that these bad boys are Ruby Roman grapes.

The Wall Street Journal revealed the two things that make these dark red, ping-pong sized spheres so special.

All Ruby Roman grapes must weigh at least 20 grams and have a sugar content that's higher than 18 percent.

Now, to put that into perspective for you, the peasant grapes we've all been reduced to snacking on have a 15 percent sugar content and only weigh about 5 grams each.

According to Today, this $11,000 bunch of grapes was purchased by a grocery store in Japan that plans to put the grapes on display and give them out as free samples.

Yep, sounds like a really great way to give back to the community.

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