Photos Of Hot 'Men And Wine' Will Give New Meaning To Your Happy Hour


A while back, we showed you a bunch of men who were even hotter than the coffee they were seductively sipping on.

If you thought those guys were worth waking up for, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Apparently, those caffeinated cuties aren't the only drinking dudes who are getting buzzed and looking damn good while doing it.

Allow me to introduce you to Men and Wine, aka the reason you're about to be extra thirsty as you scroll through your social media feed.

As the name suggests, this Instagram trend features all sorts of heavenly hunks enjoying glorious glasses of wine (preferably shirtless, of course).

If there's one thing I love just as much as fine wine, it's an even finer man to go along with it.

Whether they're sipping on whites, reds or rosés, it's not hard to see these boozing bros look even more irresistible when they're using their big, strong muscles to raise a toast or open a vintage bottle of vino.

Pairing your grapes with a sexy, sophisticated guy sounds way better than having it with some stinky cheese.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this sizzling Instagram trend.

Move over, men with coffee.

There's a new group of Instagram eye candy out there...

And these sipping studs are guaranteed to make you extra thirsty.

Behold: Men and Wine.

This account features all sorts of handsome hunks who aren't afraid to show off their stemware...

Or their smoking-hot bods, for that matter.

There's just something undeniably sexy about a bro with a big bottle.

Whether you like your Cabernet with a side of rock-solid abs...

A glass of Bordeaux with a badass beard...

A bottle of bubbly and some big muscles...

Or a little Sauvignon with an irresistible smile...

There's a guy who pairs perfectly with every type of grape...

And these sizzling studs are guaranteed to make you drunk in love.

Who knew drinking wine could look so damn good?

If you were a grape, I'd definitely pick you first.

You must be made out of wine, because your charm is intoxicating.

You can never go wrong with some sparkling wine that's extra bubbly...

And nothing beats a glass of rosé with a great view.

That's funny, I don't remember ordering a shirtless sommelier with my room service.

Baby, you can borrow my corkscrew any day.