Facebook Is Freaking Out About This Supposedly Impossible Math Question

Every now and then, the Internet is confronted with some seriously puzzling dilemmas.

You know, like is the dress blue or gold?

And who can forget when the world was asked about how the hell would dogs wear pants?

If you found those philosophically enlightening debates pretty delightful, you might want to grab your thinking cap and a calculator. Apparently, there's a new mind-boggling math problem on social media making people lose their minds.

This thing isn't your average type of arithmetic. Instead, this equation consists of flowers because I guess solving math problems with numbers wasn't already hard enough.

The problem shows three rows of flowers that have different values, along with the respective sum of each row.

The first line consists of three red flowers that add up to a total of 60.

The second line has one red flower and two blue flowers that add up to a total of 30, while the third line shows that one blue flower minus two yellow flowers equals three.

The fourth line is where everything goes to hell. It asks you to solve an equation showing a yellow flower plus a red flower multiplied by one blue flower.

Now, this may seem pretty simple -- but there are a few discrepancies with this final line that are sparking a lot of debate over the answer.

This is the math problem blowing everyone's damn minds.

At a first glance, it may seem pretty simple.

Some people are pretty confident that the answer is 102...

While others are pretty sure that the real answer is 27...

...and some just seem to have no fucking clue.

There seems to be some major controversy over the correct answer because, unlike the other lines, the last line has one flower instead of two and the blue flower has four petals instead of five.

Apparently, people who solve math problems for a living can't even crack this equation.

According to logic puzzle solver Professor Puzzler, "The correct answer to this question is, 'No, I cannot solve this.' If you came up with a numerical value, you were wrong (sorry!)... we do not have any information with which to calculate the value of a blue flower with four petals."

Petal discrepancies aside, it turns out that there is a correct answer to this equation: 81.

The red flowers have a value of 20, the blue flower with five petals has a value of five and the two yellow flowers have a value of two. So if you take one yellow flower (one) plus one red flower (20) times one four-petaled blue flower (four), you'll get a final equation of 1 + 20 x 4 = 81.

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