'The Dress' Looks White And Gold Because The Photo Is Overexposed

The dress.

Unless you live under a rock or were somehow deprived of Internet access last night, you know what I'm referring to.

Is it white and gold, or is it black and blue?

It turns out, the dress is blue and black, but there hasn't been this much uncompromising debate since the last presidential election.

Though the truth doesn't actually matter — at all— we may as well explain the discrepancy before this erupts into World War III (or would it be World War IV?).

It appears white and gold to some because of the photograph's lighting: The image is wildly overexposed (note the white-washing of the background).

In the wonky lighting, the colors of the dress appear lighter than they really are. Thus, the disagreement.

Fixing the overexposure via Photoshop corrects the misrepresentation of the color and reveals that the dress is, in fact, black and blue.

Reducing the brightness of the photo also produces the same effect.

So, there you have it.

Now let's move on to more important news, shall we?

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