This Man Dubbed The 'Dan Bilzerian Of Weed' Truly Lives The High Life

The new American dream of getting rich off marijuana and spending your days exclusively with beautiful women has been reached... by a motherf*cking Canadian.

The man dubbed the "Dan Bilzerian of weed" is the latest viral sensation giving us new life goals and making us completely sick by swagging off on another level.

Not only does he look like DDP, but he has an unlimited supply of loud, a private jet to transport a bunch of edgy girls and access to things your average stoner could only dream of.

He simply goes by the name of Marijuana Don, or Big Mike, and according to his Instagram,

If you grow or consume Marijuana, you've benefited from something BigMike, owner of the worlds #1 cannabis nutrient brand in 89 countries, has done.

So, just like we don't really know Dan Bilzerian, we have absolutely no idea what the hell Marijuana Don really does. Find out more below!

Marijuana Don's love for weed can only be compared to one thing...

...and that's his affinity for edgy, tatted girls who love weed, too.

Of course he keeps them by the private jetload.

And when he lands, he has his best friend ready to greet.

But during the flight, you already know they're eating swell...

Sipping on some champagne...

...and doing a bunch of other awesome sh*t that couldn't go on Instagram.

If you ever make it out to the Cannabis Cup, you'll definitely see him.

And for every girl he brings, you already know he's going to have the jar to match.

Just make sure your girl doesn't see him, or else it's a wrap...

...because he could take her to the promised land.

His ladies get munchies, and he makes sure they only eat the finest of edibles.

For dessert? Nugs! Duh.

But seriously, Marijuana Don is a well-respected cannabis expert in the field.

He even experiments with new technology, so you can blow bubbles when you smoke!

Props to this man for getting marijuana to somehow pay for all of this.

That's what happens when you're the Walter White of piff.

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