This Makeup Artist's Comic Book Transformations Are Out Of This World (Photos)

Makeup allows you to achieve all sorts of incredible looks.

You can use cosmetics to contour your cheeks like a Kardashian, play up your peepers with some smokey shades or, you know, go all out and transform yourself into a badass comic book character.

Not too long ago, we introduced you to Lianne Moseley, a Canadian makeup artist who transformed normal people into superheroes.

However, Moseley isn't the only one who mastered the art of Marvel-inspired makeup.

Argenis Pinal is another talented individual not afraid to flex his makeup powers on social media.

When he's not working as a hairstylist or freelance artist for MAC Cosmetics, you can usually find Pinal transforming himself into all sorts of amazing comic book heroes and villains for his Instagram.

He achieves all of these outrageous looks using only makeup. At times, his two-dimensional appearance is so convincing you almost forget he's a real person and not just an illustration in a comic book.

Check out the pictures below to see Pinal's awesome comic book makeovers.

Wonder Woman


Batman Anti-Venom Hybrid







J. Jonah Jameson

Harvey Dent


Green Lantern

Black Widow


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