Talented Makeup Artist Transforms Into 4 Kardashians In Just 2 Minutes (Video)

by Madeline Concannon

If you follow any of the Kardashians on Instagram (or ever just turn on a TV), you know each sister has her own distinct daily makeup routine.

Kylie loves exaggerated lips, Kris fully commits to heavy black eyeliner, Kim achieves the perfect contour for selfies and Khloé combines all those things.

I always guessed the amount of makeup that goes into creating those looks every day would be pretty unbelievable.

After watching makeup artist Kandee Johnson recreate four of the Kardashian's faces, I realized I guessed right.

In this short video, you can see a sped-up version of what goes into creating these looks -- and it’s truly mesmerizing.

However, while Johnson’s makeup skills are pretty astounding, I think I’m most blown away by her striking resemblance to Kris Jenner.