This Macaroni and Cheese Crust Pizza Is Everything You Could Ever Want (Photos)

The only thing better than mac and cheese is Macaroni and Cheese Crust Pizza.

It's exactly what it sounds like: a deep-dish pizza made out of mac and cheese and topped with cheese and pepperoni.

Aren't you glad the summer season is finally coming to an end? Now you can attempt to recreate this without feeling guilty!

Nick Chipman over at Dude Foods created this mouthwatering creation.

Not too long ago, we introduced you to a few other wacky recipes he came up with, like these deep-fried beer batter and bacon ice cream sandwiches.

This time, it's all about fusing two of the best foods in the world together.

In a description posted about the recipe on the blog, Chipman revealed,

This idea spawned from when I made a Sweet and Sour Chicken Pizza that had a crust made out of a disc of deep fried white rice. Once that one was a hit it basically opened up the floodgates in terms of me packing random foods in my springform pan to create crazy pizza crusts.

Check out the photos and video below for a closer look!

Behold, the Macaroni and Cheese Crust Pizza. At first sight, it looks like a regular, pepperoni-topped deep-dish pie.

But once you cut into it, you'll be greeted by a ton of mac and cheese, which happens to be the second best food... next to pizza.

The recipe was created by Nick over at Dude Foods and, believe it or not, the pizza is fairly easy to make!

Check out the video below for a closer look at the cooking process.

DudeFoods on YouTube

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