These Deep-Fried Beer Batter And Bacon Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Insane (Photos)

Growing up, ice cream sandwiches were all the rage!

Similar to Pop-Tarts and Fruit Gushers, the ice cream sandwich will always be a staple in my sugar-filled childhood diet of the past.

Luckily, as an adult, there are a few interesting ways to repurpose this delicious snack for the better.

Perhaps the best way to take ice cream sandwiches to the next level would be to take a few pointers from Nick over at the Dude Foods. After discovering a box of these cold treats in his freezer, Nick decided to do what any adult who just discovered ice cream sandwiches in his or her freezer would do...

He created a beer batter mixed with bacon to deep fry them in. The rest is history!

According to his recent blog post, after just 15 minutes, Nick had chocolate-covered, beer-and-bacon-battered, deep-fried ice cream sandwiches staring up at him.

He wrote,

I just had a few ice cream sandwiches left in my freezer from a box of 12 that I bought a while back and as I was about to eat one I got to thinking about how it's been a while since I deep fried anything with beer and bacon batter.

Pure genius. Check out the video and photos below for a closer look!

Behold, a Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Ice Cream Sandwich.

Dude Food

After Nick discovered a box of ice cream sandwiches in his freezer, he decided to fry them up in beer batter mixed with bacon and top them with chocolate sauce.

Dude Food

The end result is a beauty.

Dude Food

Check out the video below for a closer look.