This Insane Mac And Cheese Lava Cake Swaps Out Chocolate For Melted Cheese

Ever since his departure from Epic Meal Time, Chef Josh Elkin has been on the move.

He landed a show on the Cooking Channel and launched recipe after recipe of ridiculousness.

For Valentine's Day he made Pepperoni Pizza Roses, and now he created a savory version of everyone's favorite restaurant dessert, the LAVA CAKE.

For those who never had one, here's what a traditional chocolate lava cake looks like:

Now, picture the same thing, but in the form of an epic mac and cheese cake.

That's right, Mac & Cheese Lava Cakes are now real things, and they're simply glorious.

Apparently, the inspiration behind this mind-blowing snack was pretty simple.

According to Elkin,

I love mac & cheese and I REALLY love lava cake. It was only a natural thing to combine both and make a Mac & Cheese Lava Cake, right?

Check out the pictures below for a closer look at this cheesy Frankenfood creation, and watch the video to see how you can make it yourself!

Introducing the MAC & CHEESE LAVA CAKE.

This thing puts a savory spin on the classic lava dessert by swapping the cake out for some noodles.

But, that's not all. When you dig into this bad boy, you'll find a center oozing with glorious, melty cheese. Yum!