These Pepperoni Pizza Roses Will Make Your Valentine's Day Even Cheesier

I live in a world where bridging the gap between edible and inedible food creations is a daily feat, but the story of my Pepperoni Pizza Roses began on a sad, sad day.

There I was heading home to see my girlfriend when I had an epiphany of the "Damn, I'd like to get laid" variety, so I decided to spontaneously surprise her with something.

It wasn't her birthday, and it wasn't Valentine's Day. I was just trying to do something a little bit out of the ordinary.

That in mind, I picked up a bouquet of roses and my girl's favorite means of nourishment, some NY-style pizza. My plan was set, and pizza was in hand. I flew home, the box of pizza and flowers burning a hole into my rental's passenger seat.

Then, it happened.

I climbed the steps to her apartment and jiggled the keys into the door, juggling both the pizza and the flowers in my other hand.

Being the amazing multitasker I am, as soon as the door flung open my Nikes caught the lip of the doorway, triggering my pizza/flower hand to compensate by letting everything fall to the floor.

Yeah, the pizza box completely came open, the flowers crumbled into pieces and everything was scattered on the floor.

There I was staring at the beautiful, sad mess -- a f*cked up Picasso of pizza, hardwood floor and roses. Then, inspiration struck. How cool would it be to make roses out of PIZZA?!

With Valentine's Day looming a few short days away, I figured I'd try to forget this bull sh*t just happened and surprise her with something even better. Thus, Pepperoni Pizza Roses.

Forget the boring old bouquet of flowers.


Now, you can have your roses and eat them, too, because Foodbeast just figured out how to turn your beloved slices into some seriously badass Pepperoni Pizza Roses.

Check out the video to see how these tasty Valentine's Day treats are made!