A Magical Cat Sanctuary Exists In Hawaii, And You Can Go Visit It

Lanai Cat Sanctuary

Happy International Cat Day, everyone! To celebrate, we have some amazing news.

Cat lovers everywhere can officially rejoice because there is a 25,000-square-foot cat sanctuary filled with 495 cats ready and eager to cuddle with you.

This cat lover's dream is located on the tiny island of Lanai, as in Hawaii. Before you get discouraged by the distance, think about another time you might get to play with 100 plus cats all day and then go sunbathing.

Probably never. So, this could be your only shot.

The Lanai Cat Sanctuary is a magical land where cats roam free, completely uncaged. The cats can walk, jump and explore wherever they please.

The executive director of the sanctuary, Keoni Vaughn, literally calls the oasis the "Furr Seasons." With a pun like that, it has to be good.

Unfortunately, the cat haven is only open to the public for a few hours every day. So if you do make your way to heaven, get ready to shove anyone who tries to get in your way of hanging with these pretty felines.

If you can't make the trip to Hawaii, you can sponsor one through its "adopt in place" program.

And if a kitty never gets adopted, no problem. It can live out its days at the sanctuary. And honestly, that sounds like a nice option.

For anyone who loves these animals, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. And people are starting to take note.

Admittedly, a trip to this furry location might be more expensive than just visiting your local animal shelter, but if you've been wanting to visit Hawaii AND adopt a cat lately, why not kill two birds with one stone?

For now, you can just chill out and fuel your cat addiction with the pictures below:

You can literally pet all of them.

All. Of. Them.

Seriously, look at all the cats.

She looks so CONTENT.

Aloha from my plant bed.

Look at this little nugget sleep.

So domesticated.

This is one happy family.

Adopt us, pretty please.

These cat lovers look so HAPPY.

If I fits, I sits.

Look at all them CUDDLE.

It's like they're having a top secret cat meeting.

Have you ever seen a happier man? No, you haven't. Get to Hawaii NOW.