People Are Ruining The Hot Dog Eating Competition With This Unexpected Twist

At some point, everyone has heard the age-old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

That is, everyone besides hipsters of course.

If you thought hipsters should be exiled from civilization for ruining all our favorite snacks with bougie BS ingredients, you might want to brace yourself.

It seems that nothing is safe from hipster nonsense nowadays, not even the sacred American sport of hot dog eating contests.

That's right. We recently came across a new type of eating event at The Taste Of Buffalo this year that might just be the biggest hipster crime ever committed against humanity.

A kale eating competition called "Kale Yeah! — The World's Healthiest Eating Championship."

If you ask me, there are few things in life more entertaining than watching a bunch of people frantically attempt to demolish half of their body weight in Nathan's hot dogs.

However, I think I would rather kale myself than watch a bunch of hipsters stuff handfuls of nasty kale down their throats. Also, there's no way that much fiber at once is good for you.

The website really tries to talk up this alternative eating contest, stating,

For the first time in human history, the world's greatest eaters will test themselves against the almighty kale — the leafy green vegetable that has captured the hearts and minds of both the culinary set and those for whom their body is a temple.

Not to mention, they're even awarding the winner of this kale eating contest with $2,000 worth of green.

However, you would have to pay me a whole lot more than a couple grand to choke down a box full of this coveted hipster vegetable.

I mean seriously, what is this? An eating contest for rabbits?