You Probably Didn't Know Instagram Has A Secret Messaging Inbox

If you happened to update your phone last week, you may have noticed some of your apps look a little different lately.

Yep, your beloved photo sharing app, Instagram, just got a major makeover.

In addition to a new eye-catching logo, the update also rolled out a brand new layout that looks a lot different than the previous version.

As you can imagine, these changes evoked a variety of feelings among Instagram's avid users, and over the past week, we've seen a ton of mixed reactions as people switch over to the new format.

Plus, it seems like a lot of people are just pretty lost and confused when it comes to navigating through the new layout and finding all the once familiar features on this app.

Yep, if you thought you finally figured out how to find your darn messages with the new layout, you might want to pay attention.

You could have completely missed a message from that cute guy whose photo you commented on last week without even knowing it.

I know, life can be so cruel sometimes.

It turns out, just like Facebook, Instagram has a secret inbox, so if you haven't figured out how to find this feature, there's a good chance you've been oblivious to some of the messages sliding up in your DMs over the past week.

Check out the pictures below to see how to find your hidden Instagram inbox.

To access you hidden inbox, first tap on the home button located on the bottom left corner of your screen.

K. Pound

Next, click on the tray symbol in the upper right hand corner of the home screen.

K. Pound

This will take you to your direct messages. Then, click on the blue bar that says "message requests"...

K. Pound

...and voila, you can now see all of the hidden DMs you've been racking up!

K. Pound
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