These ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Soaps Will Make Your Bubble Bath Even More Magical


Now, you can officially recreate Harry Potter's trip to the Prefect's Bathroom (minus a flirtatious Moaning Myrtle).

Side note: Did anyone else find it weird Moaning Myrtle was scoping out the Chosen One's junk in "The Goblet of Fire?" No, just me? Cool.

The Etsy page TeaSoapBooks has created some "Harry Potter"-themed bath soaps, which (more like "witch," am I right?) are pure magic.

According to the Etsy store's owner Drea, the hand-mixed soaps have actual counterparts in the books. She wrote,

This bubble bath is a part of our Harry Potter series that is inspired by the Wizarding World's potions and drinks.

I mean, who wouldn't want to drink a Butterbeer... in a bath that's scented like Butterbeer?


I mean, since shower beer is now officially a thing, I think we need a bath Butterbeer for a Butterbeer-scented baths.

You probably won't need a love potion to fall broom-over-heels for this Amortentia bath gel.


Sick of drinking Unicorn blood to make you live longer? Then try this Elixir of Life bubble bath!*


*This bubble bath has not been scientifically or magically proven to help you live longer. It will clean your grimy body, though.

Let's just say this Polyjuice Potion bath gel is... transformative.


Miss having Pumpkin Spice everything because it's no longer fall? Then enjoy a bubbly Pumpkin Juice bath.


These soap bottles, which are 8 ounces each, cost $10, but if you buy them all in bulk, the set only costs $48.

I'm not sure how many Galleons that is, but after a quick stop to Gringotts, you should have the requisite funds.

Drea describes the scents of the bath gels as a "sweet and spicy blended fragrance of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and whipped cream."

Excuse me while a draw the longest bath, bring in "The Deathly Hallows" book and plop a few of these bottles into the cauldron... I mean, bathtub.

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