This Guy's Insane California Adventures Will Make You Travel ASAP (Video)

Some of the greatest, most action-packed moments have been caught on GoPro cameras.

Whenever you see someone gear up with a GoPro on his or her head, it probably means something interesting is about to happen.

Whether it's capturing the underground street racing scene in Japan or recording what it's like to skydive onto a Slip 'N Slide, the GoPro's possibilities are endless.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Jay Alvarrez, we're introduced to what it's like to live in a dream world. First and foremost, the scene is set in California.

There's sun everywhere, and 22-year-old Alvarrez captures the beauty of model Alexis Ren while showcasing what it's like to live an awesome life.

The video's description reads,

A few amazing moments in California with Alexis Ren. I create to inspire and share a story that I have lived with you. Let's live.

From jumping out of planes at 15,000 feet in the sky to taking bubble baths with 18-year-old Ren, Alvarrez is able to highlight the key points to living out your dreams -- and somehow he fits it all into a five-minute video using a GoPro!

Be inspired.