Epic GoPro Video Shows Skydivers Perfectly Landing On A Slip 'N Slide

If you've ever been skydiving, you know there's almost nothing quite as exhilarating.

From the time you suit up in your protective gear on the ground to the daring moment you take that leap of faith off the plane, the rush is endless. But how would you go about making that experience twice as much fun?

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by GoPro, we're introduced to a couple of daredevils who manage to skydive onto a Slip 'N Slide as they complete their descent back to land.

The results? Well, since the entire thing is shot using a GoPro, it pretty much feels like you're skydiving yourself. GoPro commissioned skydivers from the Axis Flight School in Eloy, AZ, to safely pull off this stunt.

So yeah, don't try this in your backyard! Check out the video above for a closer look.

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