This Is How Much Wedding Cakes Have Changed Over The Last 100 Years

Beauty and fashion trends are fleeting.

You stock up on low-rise skinnies, and before you know it, your go-to denim look goes straight to the style grave.

You spend weeks learning how to contour your cheeks like a Kardashian, only to find out that sculpting with bronzers are out and strobing with highlighters are in.

Keeping up with the latest runway looks tends to be a constant struggle.

Not too long ago, we gave you a little history lesson on eyebrow beauty over the years.

If you thought the evolution of eyebrows was pretty intriguing, you're in for a treat.

Apparently, makeup and fashion fads aren't the only dynamic forces out there that consistently change over time.

It turns out food trends also go through a whirlwind of changes with the passing of each delicious decade. just released another one of its awesome time-lapse videos. And this time, it features a wedding-related history lesson that takes you on a walk down the aisle memory lane as it explores all the tasty twists and turns wedding cake trends have taken over the last century.

The video, titled, "100 Years Of Wedding Cakes," begins with the simple white frosted cakes of the 1920s, then makes you fall head over heels for the drool-worthy desserts of each decade.

It finally finishes off with the nontraditional tiered cakes we see at weddings today.

Check out the video up top for a closer look at the mouthwatering history of wedding cakes.

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