This Video Shows How Much Eyebrow Styles Have Changed Over The Past 100 Years

Beauty trends are one of those things that constantly come and go.

One day, you're rocking smokey shadows and super skinny arched eyebrows with a matte lip. Then, before you know it, smudged eyeliner and thin brows are out and everyone is decking their faces out in colorful cat eyes and bold, dramatic brows.

If there's one facial feature that has gone through a lot of major changes over the years, it's our eyebrows.

Alle Connell of Revelist recently set out to show the world just how much the ideal eyebrows have changed over the past century with her video, titled "100 Years Of Eyebrow Trends."

In this intriguing time-lapse video, Connell takes us on a fascinating visual journey through the flawless eyebrow fads of each era as she explores the evolution of brow beauty standards over the last 100 years.

Connell shows us how eyebrows have transformed from the natural, yet defined shape of the early 1900s to the pencil-thin brows of the '60s on to the #onfleek eyebrows we embrace today and every possible eyebrow arch and thickness in between.

If one thing is for sure, I think it's safe to say we can all be thankful the insanely thin brow trends of the '20s and '30s haven't been resurrected into modern day makeup trends.

Check out the video below for a closer look at how eyebrows have changed over the years.

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