McDonald’s Sriracha Mac Is Going Nationwide And It’s Everything You Dreamed Of

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

McDonald's is taking its menu up a notch for the hungry customers who are looking for something spicy and cool all in one meal. Thanks to the Sriracha burger, our fast food dreams are on their way to becoming a reality.

If this order is causing a bit of deja vu, don't worry, it's not you. The kale and Sriracha Mac sauce sandwich was once available in select stores. But now, we're all being treated to the spicy goodness with the Signature Sriracha burger going nationwide at the end of this month, according to Hello Giggles.

This is definitely cause for celebration, folks.

Even better? The meal will include a spinach and kale mix as well, so you'll be getting a dose of greens with your meat. Sounds like a good plan to me — even small steps to feeling guilt-free are totally worth it.

If you're one to grab some chicken instead of a burger, that's totally fine, too. You can enjoy the Sriracha Mac sauce as a dipping sauce for your nuggets, so the spicy options are not limited to beef.

I know it's kind of a tease to talk about this news with a few weeks still left in July, so in order to hold yourself over, make sure you stop by McDonald's Sunday — National Ice Cream Day — to enjoy a free cone.

The stakes are high this year, as Ronald McDonald is taking some cues from Willy Wonka.

The person who receives a golden cone at the drive-thru will be entitled to free soft serve ice cream for an entire lifetime. 

But those who aren't quite as fortunate to win the golden cone can take comfort in the fact knowing that McDonald's has worked hard to remove artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives from its soft-serve ice cream. This transition affects 60 percent of the fast-food chain's desserts, including the McFlurry and McCafé shake, so the healthier options are not limited to one item.

Hang tight, Sriracha lovers. The burger will be here before you know it.