Noshing USA/Instagram

Ice Cream In A Cookie Dough Bowl Is Being Sold At Stew Leonard's & You Need To Try It

I recently went to Stew Leonard's for the first time. It's a quirky grocery store headquartered in Connecticut with all kinds of premium food options.

Browsing through the stocked aisles is a similar experience to that of your average Whole Foods — if Whole Foods had mechanical stuffed animals doing tricks on uneven bars above the produce.

However, since my inaugural trip to Stew Leonard's, aka "The World's Largest Dairy Store," the grocer has started selling a yummy-looking concoction: cookie dough ice cream bowls.

And, no, I'm not talking about a scoop or two of your average chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in a bowl.

This is literally a heaping mound of Stew Leonard's original Edible Cookie Dough topped with soft serve.

To give you an idea, here's a pristine shot of one IRL, courtesy of foodie Instagram account Noshing USA.

While they opted for the swirls of (presumably) chocolate soft serve, you can forego the ice cream entirely...  if you want.

Stew Leonard's takes their Edible Cookie Dough seriously and serves it up like ice cream by the scoop in either bowls or cones.

(Did I mention they have ice cream stands inside their stores? It's like a damn carnival in there.)

You can snag a single scoop of dough for $3.99 or a double for $6.99. Not a high price to pay for a de-stressing trip to #nomnom heaven while you pick up a few things for your pantry.

Stew Leonard's calls the summery dessert "a tasty and safe treat for kids of all ages" on their website.

In 2016, the FDA warned against eating raw cookie dough, because, unlike Stew Leonard's recipe — which is made with pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour — the other stuff is made using uncooked flour and eggs, which can potentially make you really sick.

At Stew's, all you need to worry about is whether to order one scoop or two!