Lifestyle — Cheese Facts That Will Make You Sharp

If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it'd be cheese.

I'd eat every single kind: gouda, the stinky stuff and Velveeta. Even if it's not technically real cheese, but the package says it's cheese, I'm into it. I'm not biased.

Cheese makes everything better.

After a thorough drizzling of blue cheese crumbles, I completely forget I'm eating Ronzoni Rotini noodles and Ragu sauce (the four cheese flavor, duh duh duh). My salad goes from sad to savory when there's a 1 to 1 ratio of gorgonzola to lettuce.

Cheese makes everything better.

When I've had a good-for-nothing, horrible day, my favorite thing to do is buy a full block of feta cheese and eat it raw. If that's too weird for you, then you're not a true cheese lover, and you probably shouldn't read this article.

Even though cheese literally makes my stomach hurt (because I'm 99 percent sure I'm lactose intolerant), it simultaneously makes me feel better.

Last year, the internet exploded when a couple of sites misread a study and claimed cheese had addictive ingredients.

Finally, this was something that affirmed my bad behavior. It's not my fault cheese is as addictive as meth! I do have a problem, but it's not my problem! I should go to CLA (Cheese Lovers Anonymous)!

Unfortunately (for me, at least), this was found to be very untrue.

No cheese in a dish? No, thank you!

The addiction for me is very real, though. On the rare occurrence I'm not eating a bodega dinner and, instead, sitting down for a nice, bougie dinner, cheese decides what I'm going to order. No cheese in a dish? No, thank you!

As long as cheese exists, I know I'll never get back the six-pack I had from sixth-grade swim team. Back then, I'd eat a baguette and cheese for dinner, and my arms still looked like Sheryl Crowe's.

I quit swim team a year later, but I could never quit my cheese sport. Cheese just tastes so much better than a tight tummy does. I also don't diet, I don't work out and I consume at least two bags of chips per week, so it's not fair to blame my flubber body solely on cheese intake.

Cheese just tastes so much better than a tight tummy does.

If you're a cheese lover, watch the video above to learn some random trivia about the heavenly food we know and love. And whenever you think you should watch your weight and avoid eating it, always remember, life is to be lived, and cheese is to be eaten.

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