Save Dan

Dan Bilzerian's New Video Game Is Everything You'd Expect From Dan Bilzerian

Not many men can say they live a life quite like Dan Bilzerian, but now, you can help save him from the zombie hoe-pocalypse in his new video game fittingly called, Save Dan. This isn't a publicity stunt, either.

This man really has his own game, which starts off with him inviting you out to the Nevada desert one day to shoot some guns with some girls when you see beautiful women in the distance who turn out to be zombies.

Your main objective? Save motherf*cking Dan Bilzerian.

Save Dan
Save Dan

It's up to you to make sure these heartless jezebels don't seduce Dan, kill him, or worse, make it on to his Instagram.

The game is already available on the app store as a free premium download. Let's be honest: You're already on your phone getting it.

Save Dan is just the latest zombie game to hit the market, but given the situation and what's on the line, let's just say you're playing for much more than you usually would.

Who knows, saving Dan Bilzerian could get you laid. Probably not, though. We'll have to wait for the VR version for all that.