In Case You Were Curious, Dan Bilzerian Is Still Crushing Life And Instagram

by Robert Anthony

It wasn't too long ago we first introduced you to the man, the myth, the legend, Dan Bilzerian.

Known for his ability to woo beautiful women with machine guns, luxury cars and private jets, Bilzerian has effortlessly painted a hypothetical mural of what it means to be successful (and an American hero).

While the man has many haters, it's important to note Dan has used his personal brand to help others in search of the answers to life's major questions.

Here's a good question: "How the hell am I ever going to afford a Bugatti?"

Bilzerian's answer? Get really good at poker.

Despite how perfect the man's life may seem, it's important to remember he, too, has had his share of questionable moments. Like the time he nearly killed a porn star after launching her off of a roof and into a pool.

There's your proof he's human. But regardless, he continues to do cool sh*t.

These days, you'll find the bearded badass still crushing life, and Instagram, one post at a time. About a week ago, Dan was escorted by a police motorcade as he traveled from Vegas to Los Angeles in under 33 hours on a bike.

Check out a bunch of other equally badass shenanigans he's been up to below.

Dan is the "Instagram Playboy" who has been filling your Instagram feed with greatness for nearly two years.

He's the dude with all the guns.

The dude with all the cars...

The dude with all the money (and women)...

And he's still living it up. As a matter of fact, he never even stopped.

The only difference between then and now? The planes are faster...

The cars are stronger...

...and the bottles are bigger.

Oh, and as for the ladies? Let's just say they never left either.

And no, he's not paying for sex.

Dan might actually be doing crazier sh*t now than he doing was back in 2014. Like how the hell did THIS happen?!

And, I mean, does it get anymore American than this?

Speaking of WTF moments, Bilzerian took a humble bike ride from Vegas to LA accompanied by a police escort and motorcade.

He wouldn't have been able to accomplish that 33-hour bike ride without a little help and training from Lance Armstrong himself.

As for his cat, Smushball, who has 858,000 Instagram followers, well, she's doing just fine in her new cat condo.

During his off time, you'll catch him taking the sport of ping pong to new heights...

Chilling with a goat...

Going for a swim...

Playing the latest video games before they're even released...

...or even shooting music videos with Chris Brown.

Anyone down to crush the club with OBJ?

Hell, you might even catch him with Donald Trump. *barf*

Regardless of which moron he might be hanging out with, Dan never has a bad day. Here's how he celebrates a root canal:

Worries? What are those?

It's good to know there's someone out there still going out of their way to inspire those in need. Is this not inspirational to you?

Is it not inspiring to spend $100,000 on lottery tickets and STILL lose?

Other than showing off a lavish life to over 16 million people on a daily basis, the key ingredient to maintaining unreal success is to stay humble.

Now THAT'S a major key.