Dan Bilzerian: Meet The God Amongst Men And Possibly The Most Interesting Man In The World

Unfamiliar with the name Dan Bilzerian? If you are, you might want to change that because this guy is already a legend and chances are, most of your friends are insanely jealous of him.

At first glance, Dan Bilzerian is just a dude with a beard who plays poker, right? Well, he’s actually kind of a big deal. Aside from being an Instagram phenomenon, he also poses with guns, hangs out with mostly nude girls and plays a little poker.

Bilzerian recently went on Howard Stern's show for a full hour and discussed a myriad of topics, including his early life, his playboy lifestyle and his insatiable appetite for women.

We will hit on a lot of these topics, but let’s start with a ridiculous story first, shall we?

Heart Attack Story

Normally, when people have heart attacks, it’s a horribly, tragic story. In Dan’s case, it was just another normal day, and he shrugged it off like it was nothing.

This story takes place over the course of five days, beginning in Park City, Utah. The first two days were quite normal. He met a girl; they had sex; he gambled and snowboarded a bit. Then, Dan’s buddy guilted him in into heading out to Vegas to play poker and hang out.

While in Vegas, Bilzerian approached two different strippers to inquire about their services. The first one slapped him in the face and the second obliged. Dan then decided it would be a good idea to take 100 milligrams of Viagra, where a normal dosage is about 50 milligrams.

After doing some cocaine and getting into it with the stripper, he took another 100 milligrams. Somehow, during this night, he managed to fall asleep for a few hours. When he woke up, he kicked the stripper out and tried to have a normal day. He bet on some college sports and restlessly attempted to get rid of his still-alive erection.

He then began to get nervous and called his father to get the family doctor on the line. During the phone call, Dan felt short of breath. He went to the hospital to discover he was actually having a heart attack. While in the hospital, Dan called his parents to inform them of what was happening.

The craziest part of the whole story is that his doctor was Conrad Murray, as in Michael Jackson's doctor. Potentially even crazier, Murray was also Bilzerian’s grandfather’s doctor a year prior. Bilzerian’s grandfather ultimately died from a heart attack in the same hospital, with the same doctor. A little scary, right?

Well, Dan woke up to his parents and girlfriend in the room. His doctor asked what he had taken during his drug bender, which was nothing too crazy: cocaine, marijuana, 200 milligrams of Viagra... you know, the normal stuff. Twelve hours later, he had another “minor” heart attack.

After receiving some medication, Bilzerian was cleared for normal activities. A few weeks later, he ditched the medication and went on living his life as if nothing happened.

Poker Fame

Poker is the real reason for Dan Bilzerian’s rise to fame, and he's pretty damn good at it. In his interview with Stern, Dan claimed to have made a whopping $50 million this year from just playing poker. He has played with the best and is often on a table with the highest of high rollers.

Bilzerian claims that on three separate occasions, he put down, and lost, bets of $3.6 million dollars. One time, he was trying to be a bully and buy the pot. He was bluffing; the opponent called him on it, and whoops! There went more than $3 million!

Another time, he was trying to impress a girl, so he decided that splurging on the table was a great idea. Once, he called Tobey Maguire a pussy for trying to chop a pot with a guy over “only like $14,000.” It must be nice to look down on a successful actor who is looking to recoup five figures on a split pot.

Wealthy Upbringing

Dan grew up in a pretty wealthy family. His father, Paul Bilzerian, had a net worth of something around $400 million when Dan was growing up.

While he was in school, some kids teased him and told him that his father would be thrown in jail for what Dan describes as some “white collar crimes.”

Once on his way to school, however, his father did indeed tell Dan he was going to jail. Trying to be a good son, Dan decided to tap into some of his trust fund to help his father.

Dan took a third of his trust fund money so that he could bail his father out of jail. Surprising, this infuriated his father so much that he did not talk to his son for eight months. Talk about tough love.

Military Background

Dan was kicked out of high school during his senior year for having a gun in his car and showing it off to his friends. It turns out that Dan really, really likes weapons.

He needed something to do with his time, so he decided to join the military and attempted to become a Navy Seal.

Although he pissed off some people with his shenanigans, Dan did pretty well in the military, having completed nearly a year and a half before his antics caught up to him again. Just two days away from graduating, Dan got kicked out because officers did not like his bad attitude, or so he claims.

Considering he scored a 94 out of a possible 99 points on his military intelligence test, he might be telling the truth.


Sure he has tons of money, cars, jets and fame, but he is also always hanging around droves of nearly naked women.

When Stern asked what Dan did the night prior to his interview, he said he pretty much didn’t sleep, “only banged one chick” and hung out with 10 girls.

He said his record is having sex with four girls in one night, but he didn't sound too impressed with himself about it. He also said that in Cannes, he once had sex with 16 different girls within a 12-day span.

Here is one more fun fact about his womanizing: Bilzerian once threw a girl off of his roof by her vagina. When the girl fell and injured herself, she tried to sue Dan.

She quickly lost that argument and extorted no money, mostly because she asked Bilzerian to throw her off of said roof. Dan’s lawyer wrote an epic letter denouncing her and the story very quickly erupted.

Budding Movie Career

In "Olympus Has Fallen," Dan debuted a secret service agent and shaved off his trademark beard for the role. He did not have too much air time, but it got the ball rolling, hoping it would lead to other gigs.

He was very intrigued by the movie "Lone Survivor" and even put up a million dollars to help fund it.

So, what did we learn here? If you gamble, do lots of drugs and get kicked out of every establishment of which you've ever been a part, you might just become a multi-million dollar playboy.

Dan Bilzerian is living the American Dream, and he is truly a God amongst men.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram