This Dad Makes The Most Legit Disney Character Costumes For His Kids

We've all seen our fair share of impressive princess costumes. Remember when we showed you that woman who spent an insane amount of money to transform herself into a variety of dreamy Disney characters?

Well apparently, that aspiring princess isn't the only one with a closet full of outfits that will make all of your dreams come true. Nephi Garcia is a 32-year-old fashion designer from California who knows a thing or two about flexing some mind-blowing Disney fashion designs.

That's right, this proud father of two makes all sorts of insanely beautiful Disney costumes for his kids. And if you ask me, he might just be the coolest dad ever.

Apparently, his fairytale fashion endeavors all started when his 6-year-old daughter Lili asked him to design a costume for their upcoming trip to Disney World. He used some scrap fabric to transform his little girl into a gorgeous fairy godmother, and people at the park went totally nuts over her stunning storybook-inspired outfit.

Garcia told Buzzfeed,

I try to make costumes that go outside of the box.

Since then, this designer daddy has created a variety of magnificent Disney costumes for his kids that range from magical Cinderella gowns and transforming Belle dresses to enchanting Aladdin attire, precious Prince Charming costumes and everything in between.

Check out the pictures below for a closer look at these magical Disney costumes:

Allow me to introduce you to Nephi Garcia.

Garcia is a 32-year-old fashion designer from Orange, California...

...and this proud father of two might just be one of most awesome dads on the face of the planet.

When the family took a trip to Disney last year, Garcia's 6-year-old daughter Lili asked him to make her a costume to wear to the park.

And boy, did Garcia deliver. Using some scrap fabrics, he made her a stunning fairy godmother dress.

People at the park went insane over Lili's gorgeous costume.

Afterward, Garcia started receiving tons of orders for his fairytale fashion designs.

Since then, Garcia has crafted all sorts of enchanting outfits for his children...

That range from precious Prince Charming costumes...

And delightful Disney villains...

To whimsical Cinderella gowns...

Complete with little floating birdies...

Flawless fairy godmother fashions...

Beautiful Princess Belle gowns...

Adorable "Alice In Wonderland" costumes...

...and epic princess dresses that transform before your very eyes.

Garcia uses high-end materials such as organic silk to create his costumes... his outfits tend to be a bit pricey.

But hey, you clearly get what you pay for...

...because these intricate designs will basically make all of your Disney dreams come true.

If you're getting a serious case of fairytale FOMO right now, don't worry.

It turns out Garcia makes adult costumes that are just as incredible.

So yeah, I think I just figured out what I want for Christmas this year.


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