One Couple's Life Of Adventure Looks Absolutely Perfect And Incredible (Video)

There's nothing better than being young and in love.

Except of course, being young and in love as you travel the world with your soulmate by your side.

Remember when we introduced you to that gorgeous West Coast couple Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren?

Well, thanks to all of their epic journeys, you already know this pair serves as proof love should never slow you down or hold you back from living your dreams.

Since giving us a glimpse of their insanely perfect lives in California, these two have been keeping themselves pretty busy.

But this time, their adventures go beyond the beautiful borders of the Golden State.

Jay's latest video, "Girl Of My Dreams," captures the sun-kissed couple as they jet off to breathtaking destinations and take on all sorts of exciting expeditions.

It's not hard to see these two are the ultimate travel companions, whether they're jumping out of a plane over Hawaii, swimming with stingrays, checking out the surf or simply watching a magnificent sunset on the beach.

Seriously, these guys are the textbook definition of relationship goals.