This Cat Cafe in Los Angeles Lets You Play With Rescue Cats And Adopt Them

by Robert Anthony

Animal lovers, you're in for a real treat...

Remember the Los Angeles dog cafe we told you about back in March? Well, now the city's getting a cat cafe, too!

According to LAist, a Washington DC-based cat cafe called Crumbs & Whiskers is making its way to the city of angels this fall. The cat cafe is the brainchild of Kanchan Singh, a woman who was originally inspired to start her own feline-friendly cafe after an eye-opening trip to Thailand nearly two years ago.

In a recent interview with LAist, Singh reveals,

The short version is, I was traveling in Thailand and had met these people on the road who saw that I was sharing every meal with stray dogs and cats. They picked up that I really loved animals, and so on my last day in Thailand, which was also my 24th birthday, they decided to take me to a cat cafe.

It was then that Singh realized this is what she wanted to do. She wanted to open a cat cafe and surround herself with cuddly friends and sweet treats on a daily basis.

She continues,

I didn't know what it was, and I went in there, and I remember thinking, 'This is amazing, why have I never heard of this before?' I told [my friends] that I was going to go home, quit my job, and start a cat cafe. And then I actually did it.

Similar to the existing dog cafe, patrons will enter the Crumbs & Whiskers cafe and grab a beverage before entering a separate room where they will be able to play with rescue cats from local shelters.

The best part? Cat lovers can adopt a cat straight from the cafe if they wish to.

About 20 cats will be running around the property at once. In order to actually witness kitty heaven, you'll have to fork over a cool $15 for a little over an hour of playtime. That's a small price to pay for pure joy.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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