BrunchCon: A Real-Life Brunch Convention Is Coming To Los Angeles

These days, there are conventions for just about anything under the sun.

Whether you're looking to cozy-up next to a complete stranger at a "cuddle convention" or simply attending the oh-so-popular ComicCon event, the opportunities to surround yourself with other overly-obsessive humans are actually quite endless.

The most recent convention to make its way into the world of conventions? Brunch.

That's right, according to LAist, some genius out there finally created BrunchCon, an annual convention that takes place in Los Angeles for all-things brunch.

If you're constantly waking up hungover as all hell on Sunday mornings and washing away your deep-rooted pain with mimosas and lemon water, this is probably for you!

The event will take place in Downtown LA on August 14 at Magic Box inside The Reef where attendees will be able to sample a variety of brunch foods and alcoholic beverages.

In addition to the grubbing, patrons will be able to take part in a series of activities and games including speed dating and cooking class.

Oh, and if you're hungover from the night before (because this is a brunch convention and you should probably do it right), there's an entire space called the "Hangover Lounge" for those who, well, have brutal hangovers.

Vendors, who are known for their extensive brunch offerings around the city of Los Angeles, will also be present to provide the bites and vibes.

The event is from 9 am to 3 pm so be prepared to go directly to brunch from the convention.

Interested in celebrating your favorite activity of the week? Purchase tickets here.

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