Artist Photographs Young Refugees In Princess Costumes In Powerful Series

Saint Hoax, whose “Pumping Up The Kardashians” Instagram series gained traction online back in October, is bringing attention to children caught in the Syrian refugee crisis.

The Syrian artist visited a refugee camp in Akkar District, Lebanon and asked several young women to share their dreams while dressed as Disney Princesses for a series titled “Once Upon a War.”

Working in collaboration with Plastik Studios and relief organization Malaak, Saint Hoax hopes to “clear the stereotypes that people have about Syrian refugees and spread awareness about the importance of educating children in refugee camps,” the artist told Cosmopolitan.

Many of the girls living in refugee camps reportedly risk being trafficked, abused, exploited or married young.

Saint Hoax added,

It's highly important to educate and empower girls in refugee camps… I wanted the girls to freely express themselves and tell their own stories without being censored or interviewed... They loved the idea of sharing their stories with the world. They never got to do that before.

One of the young women, Hiba, has lived her whole life in the refugee camp.

The artist said of Hiba,

This is the only life she had ever known. She never got to experience a proper childhood, and she was so happy to play pretend.

The series not only sheds light on the reality of the refugee existence for children overall but also introduces the world to real young women with hopes and plans for their futures.

Aya, 6

Maram, 16

Hiba, 2

Manar and Wouroud, 20

Bayan, 12, Raghad, 12, and Mona, 11

Along with the Instagram interviews, each of the girls will take over Saint Hoax's Snapchat (username: SaintHoax) for some time during the next week.

Follow Saint Hoax on social media to hear their stories, and if you're looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of young women this Women's History Month, donate to Malaak here.

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