7-Eleven Will Now Deliver A 'Date Night Pack' With Candy And Condoms

Convenience chain 7-Eleven is stepping up the delivery game in the best way possible.

Not long ago, we reported the Slurpee Mecca partnered with delivery service DoorDash, allowing a customer to order literally anything at any time (in select cities).

OK, 7-Eleven delivers soda and nachos. Nothing too revolutionary about that.

What we didn't expect was the company to take it above and beyond.

Yesterday, 7-Eleven announced it's unveiling a “Date Night Pack” stuffed to the brim with goodies to help a customer get his or her romance — or at least f*ck — on.

Included in the $20 Date Night Pack is the following: a tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, a can of Red Bull, a HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bar, Trident Gum and condoms (three, to be exact).

Nothing says "hot date" like Red Bull breath and a dairy-induced stomachache.

Never one to half-ass anything, 7-Eleven also unveiled a $15 “Hangover Pack” designed to help you eat away your previous night of debauchery.

The Hangover Pack includes a large pepperoni pizza, a fruit punch-flavored Gatorade, extra-strength acetaminophen and a smoked turkey and pepper jack sandwich (just in case the entire pizza didn't do the trick).

Sadly, all of this may just be a distraction from the fact booze and Slurpees — the only two real reasons anyone goes to 7-Eleven — are still no-goes for the delivery service.

In time, my friend. For now, enjoy the fruits of the convenience store Date Night Pack from the comfort of your couch (f*ck buddy not included).

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