7-Eleven Is Testing Delivery So You Can Get Munchies Right To Your Door

New York is one of the few cities in which you can pretty much order whatever you want, whenever you want.

Need vodka at 3 am? Done. Condoms? No problem. Toilet paper, cat litter and chocolate chip cookies? Check, check and check.

Soon, however, the luxury that is late-night delivery will expand to several more cities, thanks to DoorDash's new partnership with 7-Eleven.

DoorDash, a Palo Alto, California-based delivery service, is one of the many startups looking to improve accessibility to food and other goods via smartphone technology.

Eight weeks ago, it announced a partnership with Taco Bell and promised to continue expanding offerings.

Today, DoorDash made good on that promise by announcing the launch of its 7-Eleven delivery service.

Via a smartphone app, customers in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago can order virtually anything from more than 200 7-Eleven stores for a flat rate $2.99 delivery fee.

The only items not included? Slurpees and, sadly, alcohol. Craving a Slurpee? If you're in the San Francisco, Oakland or Austin areas, order via Postmates — it delivers 'em.

DoorDash's unique information sharing technology improves on other delivery services because it allows for the company to check item availability in all local store locations, not just the nearest.

So if a customer is looking for something specific that's not in stock at the local 7-Eleven, chances are, it can still be delivered.

Raja Doddala, vice president of innovation and omnichannel strategy at 7-Eleven, said,

We believe delivery is part of the convenience experience. Working with multiple partners gives customers a choice… We have a pretty sophisticated system that allows us to know what's in each of [our stores].

Tony Xu, cofounder of DoorDash, said,

This is a significant relationship with a lot of data sharing that will make sure customers get the best delivery experience.

The program launched today, and pending success, will expand to Washington, DC, as well as Boston.

Pull on those PJs, friends, because pretty soon, leaving the house will be a choice — not a necessity.

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