This Video Showing 100 Years Of American Fashion Is Unbelievably Spot On

By now, you have probably seen some of those awesome videos about how the ideals of beauty have evolved over 100 years.

However, hair and makeup trends aren't the only things changing with each passing decade.

Fashion is another dynamic force.

Recently, Mode teamed up with Soothing Sista stylist and vlogger Stephanie Villa to create an amazing video revealing how US fashion trends have changed over the past century -- all in under two minutes.

The video starts off with the conservative couture of 1915, complete with a parasol, of course, and moves on to the Gatsby-esque getups of the roaring 20s.

Then, the video passes through suit separates, Jackie O-inspired style, groovy jumpsuits, bold dresses with big jewelry and the dress/combat boot combo of the 90s.

From there, we revisit flared jeans for a brief period and finally settle into the chic, casual clothes dominating the style scene today.

While clothing fads may come and go, this video proves having good style will always be in.

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